I grew up in Melbu and Stokmarknes, two small communities in Vesteraalen, Northern Norway. Outdoors-activities have been a major part of my life since very early on. After achieving my BSc in Physical Therapy, Northwestern University, Chicago, I eventually turned my nose north and returned to these magnificent surroundings. I realized that the ever-changing light conditions at this latitude in combination with our mountains had become part of my soul! My profession is orthopedic manual therapy. Nature photography is one of my ways of regaining energy, and at the same time trying to convey special moments.
Some facts:

Name: Sven Erik Fredriksen

Living in Stokmarknes, Northern Norway

Work as: orthopedic manual therapist, primary contact, in my own clinic:
Institutt for manuellterapi Sortland AS in Sortland.
Patients with neck- and back-problems constitute the majority of my workload.
Long-standing-painconditions is another area of professional interest.

Spare-time interests: Photography, skiing, hiking, boating, fishing, travelling,…

Camera equipment: Canon
Cameras: 5D IV, 6D,
Lenses: Canon L-series: 16-35, 24-105, 200, 100-400, 40, 50, 100 mm macro, + IRIX 15mm
+ assorted necessary gadgets